The History of Kids Kondo

Kids Kondo will help your infant or young child get a head start on education, which will prove crucial later in life. Studies have shown time and time again the benefits of early childhood education. So call us today and give your child a gift that will last a lifetime!

Working With the Community

Robert Clark soon realized how much he enjoyed working in the community where he had grown up and connecting with parents. So in 1984, the "in-home" child care was moved to the old home in the heart of Morningside on North Highland Avenue and Kids Kondo has flourished ever since.

A true family institution, Kids Kondo has been a family-run business for over 30 years. Clark's children not only attended Kids Kondo but also later came back to work at the center for several years. Benji served as a camp counselor, and Barbara worked as an after-school teacher while attending college. 

That tradition continues even today. All three of Barbie's sons have attended Kids Kondo. The owners loved having their grandbabies follow their parents' education footsteps.

Specializing in Infant Care

Kids Kondo has a reputation of being the "infant specialist." We pride ourselves on offering a loving, caring, homelike atmosphere for children and have provided this setting for thousands of children to date.

We look forward to enriching your child’s life and providing a caring, nurturing, and compassionate home away from home where your child can grow and learn.

Our slots fill up very quickly. We give preference to parents who already have children enrolled with us. Contact us right away to lay a strong foundation for your child's education!
Infant Care

The Story Behind Our Home Logo

The Kids Kondo logo - a home filled with kids - was created by our son Benji when he was just a little fellow. One day he drew it and presented it, full of pride, to his parents saying, “I drew a picture of Kids Kondo!” Benji died of kidney cancer in 2005, at the age of 27, but he and his drawing are still a big part of the heart and soul of Kids Kondo.
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1253 North Highland
Kids Kondo offers a 10% sibling DISCOUNT.

Enroll two or more children and get 10% OFF the price of each subsequent child enrolled.

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